What to do before visiting car dealers?

Nowadays, auto industries are facing remarkable changes. And so used car buyers are also getting deals that are unprecedented. They need to research several available vehicles, compare their features and even test drive them. This makes the whole car buying process very exciting, but stressful at the same time. As every buyer looks for a vehicle that is reliable and economical.

Automobiles come with expensive price tags so you will likely need a car loan to finance the purchase. Though it may appear as a burden, car loans can be beneficial in the future. You can even boost your credit score by paying off the instalments on time every month. But you should be always prepared to deal with professional car dealerships.


Here are some effective car buying tips that you should know before heading to the car dealership:

Know how much you can pay

Before you set foot in an auto dealership it is important to know how much you pay. This does not only involve knowing your monthly budget. You should also have clear knowledge about your credit score and the rates your qualify for. If you fail to be aware of the rates you qualify for, they lender may convince you that you can’t afford a loan.

According to bankrate contributors, it is wise to get a pre-approved loan before you set your foot on a car dealership. This will give you a clear picture about the rates you qualify for and your credit score, and how much can you can pay. Even if you get a pre-approved at a credit union or one bank, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get loan from there. It just gives you a good idea about the offers that are fair to accept and those that are smart to reject.

After you find out the amount of money you can pay each month, use this information to get a good deal. Never give a clue to the dealer about that information while negotiating the used car sale. If you do, the salesperson can charge you any hidden costs in the payment. The best option is to discuss each cost individually. It includes discussing the buying price of the vehicle, the cost of financing and the trade-in value.

Don’t get carried away by the add-ons

According to a recent survey, buyers do online price research before buying or selling a car. Because of which auto dealerships have observed remarkable profit and losses. Most salespeople try to recoup this loss by offering extra items like extended warranties, paint sealant and gap insurance.

The senior counsel for government affiars stated that dealer’s recoup about 50% of profits from the finance office. Although buyers may find these features and services attractive, but purchasing them will increase the overall value of debt. In the beginning you will find it very expensive, but in the long run you will have to pay more interest. Therefore, it is a smart idea to purchase a car and then get it financed from somewhere else.

Don’t roll over without careful consideration

When you find yourself in a situation where the amount of unpaid cash is more than the actual value of the vehicle. It won’t be a great situation and you will find yourself upside down. At that time you can consider rolling over the negative equity in an auto loan. However, this is not a pretty good idea. This basically means that you can add the remaining balance of your debt to another debt for purchasing another vehicle. In such case, you will be paying off debts of tow vehicle at one time. Moreover, you won’t be able afford paying the loan, if you are upside down.

It is better to avoid combining the remaining value of your previous debt with the new one. Instead you can keep the automobile until its worth equals to the remaining amount of your debt. Other than this, you can consider refinancing your vehicle’s debt with a shorter term. When you are looking to buy an automobile it is best to seek Loan. It is a great tool when you don’t have sufficient savings to pay the full amount in cash. Make sure to be smart while borrowing loan. This will not affect your chances of getting an affordable loan for a new automobile in the future.

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