How to retain the value of your vehicle using scheduled servicing?

When you purchase a vehicle (whether new or second-hand) it is one of the most expensive investments you make. As such, it is important to maintain its condition to a great standard. This is especially required these days because automobiles are becoming more sophisticated and advanced.

After buying a vehicle you may want to trade it in or sell it in the future or plan to get the regular car valuation online. So, you will consider the various factors that will influence its worth. It includes gearbox, engine type, its interior condition and smell, its appearance, etc. All of these elements must be serviced regularly and maintained to the manufacturer’s standards. And you don’t even need to take your automobile to the manufacturer’s dealership for proper servicing.

There are a large number of auto workshops where you can get your automobile serviced. But you only need to take care that your vehicle’s standard/specification remains up to date according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. For example, there are certain automobiles that need some specific type of fuel to run properly.

Thus, make sure the auto workshop is experienced and professional to do their job. Otherwise, you could end up paying heavy unwanted costs. When you leave after getting the vehicle serviced make sure to get your logbooks stamped. It will help you in verifying that your vehicle is being serviced at regular time periods.

Additional Servicing Costs

There are many mechanical experts and dealers that provide servicing with fixed costs. This will give you an advance idea about the service costs that you will incur till five years. It will include the cost of keeping the new vehicle’s warranty valid, etc. But some car dealers also suggest some optional costs like timing belts, brake pads, wheel alignment, wiper blades, emission flush, pollen filters, etc.

Although these are optional, but they will help in maintaining the automobile’s condition and save you huge bucks on unwanted repairs in the future. Make sure to take the automobile for regular service and get the log books stamped every time. It will help you to negotiate a good price at the time of trading in or selling your car.

It is because when you sell or trade-in automobile, you can take help of trained valuators. They will check out its regular service and maintenance history. This will increase your car’s value as well as offer trouble-free sale of your. Along with this, it will also give you a trouble-less experience.

Consider the following components or areas:  

  • Check the tyre pressure: When you have tyres with an incorrect pressure they will tend to wear-out quickly;
  • Wheel Alignment: A poorly aligned automobile will damage its tyres quickly;
  • Regular oil changes: To the manufacturer’s minimum specifications;
  • Check the coolant and replace it if required;
  • To avoid paying costly repairs get the automatic gearbox serviced regularly;
  • Change the belts of timing chains when required;
  • To keep your EFI system clean use the right type of fuel;
  • To increase your automobile’s fuel, use fuel flushing or injection cleaning.

As the technology evolves and changing rapidly you will want to consider several things. The vehicles which have an old model usually get less value.

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