Why is the Toyota hilux such a great truck?

You don’t have to go far to spot a Toyota Hilux if you live in Australia. Their popularity has made them a regular feature of Australian roads. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it is one of the highest selling vehicles out there. But that doesn’t answer the question as to why exactly this is. How did the Toyota Hilux become such a popular item? We all deserve an answer to this question, so this article will make a humble attempt at answering it.


Great Value for your Money

This truck called the Toyota Hilux only has what professionals need, dispensing with expensive features that make a vehicle more expensive. So you will find great things like Bluetooth and a stereo that can play MP3’s using a USB.

Easy to Use

If you want to see the very epitome of user friendly design, look inside the cabin of a Toyota Hilux. You will find that the controls required for operation are simple to locate and use. Not only that, but the storage space is to die for, with a nice supply of compartments to put items such as sales receipts and money.

High Level of Reliability

The Toyota brand is famous for how reliable its product is. If you are a huge fan of driving in a truck that has a dependability that is second to none, you can’t go wrong with Toyota. This is probably the central reason for why Toyota has been so successful over the course of its existence.

They are Safe

You won’t find a Hilux model that doesn’t have at least two airbags. Not only that, but it has an ANCAP rating of four stars. That is extremely solid, especially for a truck. If you are looking at the one of the four wheel drive models you can get eight airbags. The models with higher specifications can even come with reversing camera and seatbelt pretensioners.

Large Range

There are plenty of Hilux models to choose from, so whatever your profession you can find a Hilux that works for you. If you are a hard-core tradesman you may appreciate the aluminium tray-back layout, and you have the choice of up to three engines. One tailored for performance, one whose expertise is in providing reliable, and an engine that provides efficiency.

Easy to Find Parts

Why is it so easy to find parts for your Toyota Hilux? Because it is mass produced, a by-product of its popularity. If you don’t want to buy genuine parts, then it is perfectly okay to look for aftermarket parts. These often work just as well.

Huge Reputation

Fans of Top Gear will recall when one of the presenters called the Hilux “unbreakable”. This was after they tried to break it, which they couldn’t. You couldn’t ask for better praise. This is on top of Toyota’s overall reputation as being a manufacturer of cars that stand the test of time. If you want to find a truck with a better reputation you will have to build one of your own.

Buying or selling a Toyota Hilux process gets easier because of its reliability, popularity and power.

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