Taha Car Buyer Services are the Best in the South Island, NZ

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The services here at Taha Car Buyers are the best in the land of beautiful NZ.

Leaders of Scrap Car Industry

Here at Taha Car Buyers, we have done ourselves proud over the last year, and are looking forward to doing it again. Everything that we set out to do has been achieved to the highest degree. The recycling services, removal services and used parts selling services have all out-classed our competitors at every stretch. And this is on top of our dedication to constant improvement.

We are always looking out for where we can possibly make improvements, and we feel that this has only made us stronger.

Exclusive Parts at Affordable Prices

Buying and salvaging the parts and materials from numerous variations of automobile, including cars, trucks and vans, hasn’t been the sole source of our stellar reputation. Those very parts go into our second hand part inventory, which is famous for being the most affordable collection of parts in town. Anyone looking for a component with which they can use to make their car run again will definitely find that part in our inventory.

These parts aren’t just easily affordable, however. Our crew don’t sell parts that are in poor condition. We make sure that every automobile component we have in stock has been reconditioned, refurbished and tested completely. We want to keep the great reputation as sellers of the finest used parts in the South Island.

Premium Cash for Car Arrangements

Of course, it is our outstanding and exceptional cash for cars-service that acts as the linchpin for all the magic that takes place here at Taha Car Buyers. It brings us great pleasure to be able to pay someone top cash for their old, used, unwanted or permanently broken down car.

We want them to receive only the very most money that the vehicle in question could possibly be valued at. So it is a good thing that we have in our employ a team of the best car valuation experts in town. This allows us to make exceptionally good offers, which are both accurate and fair as well as being generous.

When we buy second hand vehicles, we buy them in any condition. Some people choose to sell their cars to us even though the car is not a wreck and is running just fine. In these cases we have a maximum payment amount of $7’000 depending on the vehicle’s make, model, age and condition.

One thing that plenty of other cash for cars companies do is pay less for the vehicles they buy in order to offer removal services. This amounts to a hidden cost, and is a practice that we reject. Instead, we will perform the removal after paying the full amount that the car is worth.

We will not deduct any money to make up for the cost of us picking the car up, as we want to pay for that cost ourselves.

Here at Taha Car Buyers, we are passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality service possible. Perhaps that is why we are so successful.

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