3 MUST DO Things to do before Selling Your Scrap Car to Wreckers

So, you have finally settled on selling your old or used car. Maybe it is scrap, broken down, damaged or unnecessarily taking up space on your property. You will certainly want to earn maximum money for it. However, it may not be possible if you choose to sell it to private buyers or car dealerships. Rather, selling it to a professional cash for car removals team is a sure-fire approach to make money from your salvage automobile.

Even if it is not-working due being damaged beyond repair, choosing auto wreckers is the ideal option. However, there are some factors that you must take into consideration when scrapping your vehicle with auto wrecker. You cannot just consider scrapping it with the first car dismantler that you find.


Don’t forget that auto wreckers can earn good profit from recycling and selling the parts of junk vehicles. Before you start getting quotes you need to find out the fair value of your automobile as well. It is an important step to avoid dealing with less reputable auto wreckers.

In this post we have shared some important things that you must consider while scrapping your automobile.

Make sure you are the registered owner of the car

This means the questionable vehicle must be registered in your name. When selling it to an auto dismantling you will need to show that you have the registered ownership of the vehicle. Many scrap car buyers and auto salvage have stringent policies to avoid buying stolen automobiles. If you aren’t able to establish the car’s ownership in your name, they will not buy it off you. So, it is a good idea to preserve all the documentation that indicates that you are the registered auto owner. This way you can enjoy an easy and simple sale process.

Make sure to figure out your car’s value in advance

Before you decide to call for quotes make sure to determine the worth of your vehicle. However, many people make this mistake of not assessing their wheels worth beforehand. Due to which they get screwed due to unscrupulous tactics of unreliable scrap auto dealers.

Remember that every vehicle is valuable whether it is in a good working state or not. Therefore, it is a good idea to take it to a trusted technician for getting a fair and precise assessment. This way you can educate yourself about all the relevant information about your automobile. This includes knowing the damages and problems in your automobile that can get you a low price.

Most professional vehicle wreckers ask for several details in order to give a suitable assessment. If you aren’t able to give accurate details, there are less chances of getting a fair price.

Make appropriate arrangements for your car removal

No doubt that Auto Wreckers made scrapping a car easier for everyone. After you have decided to with a professional auto wrecker, it’s time to arrange a quick removal for your vehicle. For this you will need to hire a tow truck service to deliver the automobile salvage yard. Many auto dismantling companies also remove the automobiles on their own. But this can cost you an additional fee or a deduction from the final payment received for your vehicle.

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