QuickCarCash Has the Leading Edge in Sydney’s Auto Wrecking Industry


No-one pays as much for cars in Sydney as QuickCarCash does


Selling old unwanted cars and getting the best possible cash has never been an easy task. However, Sydney has a solution to this problem in the shape of the leading cash for cars-company in the area: QuickCarCash.

We will buy any junk car and recycle it by salvaging all the parts that are re-usable, and scrapping the rest. It doesn’t matter whether the vehicle in question happens to be a Ute, van, truck, 4×4, SUV or car. We will take it and pull it apart, saving the best parts for our stock-pile of second hand automobile components.

Our crew aren’t only providing folk with a means for getting good cash for their scrap vehicles. We also act as the leading sellers of used parts for people who can’t afford to buy them brand new.

Rewarding Higher Expectations

The levels of success that we keep on achieving just keep getting higher each year, and this annum has been no exception. Our constant good fortune has allowed us to be able to scale the very heights of generosity when paying cash for people’s unwanted vehicles. We can now say that our maximum payment amount is $9’999, a lot more than any of our competitors are willing to pay. Trucks will get up to $15’000. Paying top cash has been one of our most attractive points of difference making our customers so happy to do business with us.

Remarkable growth since 1985

Every day of every month of the last year has seen us grow just a little bit more, both as a company and as people. Our sales goals have been totalled at every turn, evidence that all our hard work and commitment has been well applied. When we sell parts, we don’t sell low quality parts. Via the salvaging process we choose only the best parts on any particular car.

Then we refurbish the part, and recondition it as well. We also test the part extensively. We want to know that we are selling parts that are of the best and highest quality that a used part can possibly be in.

Rise of Recyclable Auto Spare Parts Industry

Anyone who comes to us looking for a part will not be disappointed. We have the largest and most comprehensive catalogue of used parts in Sydney. This is due to our policy of buying all makes and all models. We also provide free removal to the people who sell us their cars. There are no hidden fees, ensuring full transparency to anyone who is fortunate enough to do business with us. This is in stark contrast to our competitors who insist on making their customers pay for the removal of their vehicle. They do this either by deducting the cost of removal from the payment, or by requiring the customer arranges the transport themselves.

It is a wonder that we manage to stay humble in all of this success that we are experiencing.

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