How to prevent common parking lot accidents?

Unfortunately, vehicles accumulate various dings and dents during their period of service. It is inevitable regardless of how often you take it for service it. Even if you periodically wax and polish your vehicle, it could unexpectedly get dents and scratches in an unavoidable incident. However, this issue is no big deal unless those scratches are caused due to a fender bender.

If you are not aware of the term “Fender benders”, you can think it as a low speed accident. In the classification of accidents related to automobiles, fender benders are stated as a Low Speed Collisions. However, people often ignore that more common fender benders happen in parking lots. Of course, it is due to the compact area, poor management of traffic, limited visibility and congestion of automobiles. Due to these common troubles many motorists as well as pedestrians get involved in accidents in parking lots.


Although there are many cash for broken cars services that purchase such types of damaged cars for cash. But it’s still wise to educate yourself about common parking lot accidents so you can prevent them smartly.

Read on to make yourself familiar with some of the most common parking lot accidents.

It will help you to smartly avoid the situation when you experience it.

  1. When two automobiles are parked next to each other, it can slam into each other while backing. This situation also occurs when two automobiles are facing back-to-back and they backs up or moves at the same time.
  2. Sometimes a driver can pull out into traffic from their parking area and then hit your car. The situation can also go the other way around. Even you might have gone through this situation as either one of the drivers. This commonly occurs when you are simply roaming around the parking space and you bumps into an automobile which is just getting out of the parking lot. Maybe you have simply not noticed the automobile because of its small size. For example, the vehicle can be a Hyundai i10 or a Mini Cooper. Or, perhaps you might be getting your automobile out of the parking lot and some huge van or Ute is parked near you. Due to this you could have missed seeing an automobile passing through.
  3. Sometimes two automobiles collide when the drivers park in the same area. Most of you might definitely notice or experienced this. The drivers are simply in such a hurry that they carelessly rush to win the free space. Due to sheer carelessness they get caught in a collision.
  4. We often see drivers getting into read-end accidents. These types of accidents happen in parking lot exit or stop sign. It commonly results due to tailgating. They are not only common in parking areas but also in private villages, toll gates, highways, etc.

Now when you know some common parking lot fender benders. Read on the following helpful tips to avoid such type of accidents:

  • In any driving situation, communicating with other drivers is very helpful. Even if you are driving at daytime, make sure to turn on your headlights. When you are about to park in an area or waiting for a car to vacate a parking space, use your hazard lights. Also, turn on your signal lights when turning an automobile. Even then if you feel that the other driver didn’t notice your signal, make sure to use your hand signals.
  • Be smart while choosing a spot for your automobile in a parking lot. It’s best to park your wheels in areas that are well-lighted. Otherwise, you must choose parking space that is not close to the entrance and exit points.
  • Whenever you are looking to secure a parking space don’t be in a hurry. As the parking areas are already so much cramped up with traffic.
  • If you think that the parking area is too compact to accommodate your vehicle, simply look for another spot.
  • While parking your vehicle, be sure to use your heads along with your eyes. Make sure to check whether or not the coast is clear before you turn or back out your automobile.

Every year, thousands of broken automobiles get collected by junkyards and the reasons are accidents happenings in parking lots. Try to follow above tips and lower your chances to get crashed.

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