How do Junk Yards Operate?

Junk yards are a necessary part of the automobile industry. All those cars need to go somewhere once they are dead. They are also commonly referred to as car scrap yards. And with good reason, given what happens in these places. When a junk vehicle winds up at a salvage yard, they are effectively dismantled. The main goal is to separate all of the parts and materials that are still good. Even if none of the parts can be re-used, the steel can be recycled.


Most communities need junkyards for the purpose of waste management. But how exactly do they operate? The fact of the matter is that they are a very important source of affordable used parts. When cars go there to be recycled, they will still have parts on them that can be salvaged.

How Junk Salvage Yards Work?

Your average salvage yard is in the business of buying cars. They buy a variety of them, mostly vehicles that are not in any state to be driven. The professional salvage experts will dismantle the vehicle in question. Once it is in pieces, any and all parts that can be re-sold at a later date due to good condition are kept. This includes such components as the car seat, doors, lights, trims, mirrors. Windows, and so-forth.

After the part-removal process is completed, the parts are tested. This is to ensure that they work properly. After that they make their way to a warehouse. If anyone needs to get a part, they will be able to find out if the ware house has the part by calling ahead. The warehouse employee will find one and deliver it to the door. Fees usually apply.

The Process of Scrap Auto Recycling

When the old car in question is brought to the yard, a series of steps are taken before the hard work of dismantling is begun. The first part is the drainage of all fluids. These are then stored in containers for future use. Then the tyres are removed, along with the batteries and oil tanks. All these items can be reused or recycled. Tyres can be used as an energy source by being burned. They can be used to make rubber asphalt as well.

The price of used parts usually depends on their condition. If a component happens to be in perfect condition, it will be sold as a second hand part. Junk Yards also have databases that keep large volumes of records. Not just of the many parts in their inventory but of their workers.

How are Unusable Materials Dealt With?

After parts that can be re-used are separated from the rest, the parts that don’t fit the bill get sent off to vehicle recycling centres. Once there, the parts get crushed. After they are crushed, they get priced. 

Without the humble salvage yard, there would be no place for people to be able to sell their junk vehicles. And the amount of automotive trash on our streets would be a real problem. In other words, cash for cars service is the best way to scrap your vehicle for the money.

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