How to determine if your vehicle is a total loss?


If your car has had the misfortune of being in a crash of some sort, or has taken on damage some other way and is now declared totalled by your insurer, you may want to know how they came to this conclusion. What do insurers look at in order to determine whether a car is a total loss? This post will attempt to answer this question. Please read onward. Hopefully by the end of this post, you will understand fully what it is that makes an insurance company decide that a vehicle is a total loss.

A Car Can Be Totalled via Minor Damage

If a component of a vehicle that is particularly expensive to fix is severely damaged, then it will affect the whole vehicle. And it takes only one part to be damaged for this to be the case. This can happen via an accident, or neglect resulting in tubes to leak, leading to engine overheating. Why is this?

Repair of Car Vs Cost of Car

When any automobile gets into any kind of accident or crash on the road, it will most likely take on some level of damage as a result. Your insurance company will be wanting to know whether the repair of your car is worth the trouble, or money. When the repairs are made, it is very likely that the company in mind will want to choose the mechanic who will make the repairs in question. Your vehicle will have to be transported to the mechanic’s shop to be looked at properly.

Is Your Car going to be Costly to Repair?

The mechanic will not be looking to do any repairs at this point. They will just be wanting to come to a conclusion as to how much the repairs would cost. There could be a whole host of things that are damaged, and there may be just one component that is ruined, but it is a major component and therefore very expensive. It really depends on how bad the accident happened to be, or how bad the break-down was.

Totalled Vs Not Totalled

While the mechanic is looking at your car, you may have reached your own conclusions as to whether it was totalled or not already. However, until the insurance company has made their decision, you won’t know for sure. How will they determine this? Basically, they will want to figure out the cost of repair versus the value of the car. If the repair cost exceeds the value of the vehicle, then they will slap a giant “totalled” label on it. Metaphorically, of course.

What to Do Now?

You don’t have to despair if your car is a total loss. Or you can, but you need to get on with business as fast as possible. The best thing to do with the vehicle is sell it to your local car removal service. They will buy your car off you fast and for top cash. You will even get free removal thrown in.

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