Five things to consider before buying a used car

When you are enthusiastically looking for a vehicle to purchase, people will be able to pick up on it. This will make you vulnerable to the manipulative techniques that dealers and private sellers often use to get customers to buy outside of their budget range. It is always important to stay rational when in this position. The following are five tips for doing this:


Know what vehicle it is that you want

Go online and find out how much cars cost by doing some research. Always think about the age and condition of the car. When the time comes to chat to the person selling the car, make enquiries about objective facts pertaining to the vehicle in question. Don’t close ended questions such as “does it get good gas mileage” as they can just reply with a “yes.” How many miles to the gallon is what you want in that example.

Write questions down

When on the spot, you will likely forget some of the enquiries that came to mind earlier when doing your preliminary research. Avoid this problem by writing any question that comes to your mind during the research phase of your search. Most of questions should be based on the performance of the vehicle rather than the look.

Don’t be afraid to say no

The problem with being desperate to purchase an automobile is that dealers can smell it a mile away. When they sense it, they are more than likely going to try to take advantage of it. They won’t be as likely to give you a deal if they think they can sell to you without it. Being able to say no means that the tables will be turned and it will be them who are desperate to sell to you. Simply walk away and they might try to stop you straight on or call you later by the end of the month.

Wave cash about

When you pull out the cash for car, the dealer or private seller will start salivating. And if you pay for a car using cash, you won’t need to lose time waiting about for the loan to come through. You also won’t have to enquire about waiting till a certain date for the money. It will also help to show the cash to the dealer somehow. Maybe wait till you are about to start negotiating, and pull out hundred dollar notes.

Take someone with you

If you are just an ordinary person who doesn’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of cars, it might be an idea to take a friend or acquaintance who does along with you. Good fellow will help you to inspect the car in a more up close fashion. They will make it more likely that you will catch any issues the vehicle has before you buy it and are stuck with a lemon. They can also act as a calming factor if you are indeed over enthusiastic in your zeal to find a car.

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