Checklist for what to do before you scrap your car

If your vehicle is no longer in any state of being driven, and the cost of repairing it is higher than the cost of buying a new one, you might be at a loss of how to get any money out of it.

Never fear. You are a prime candidate for receiving the services of a good car removal company. They will pay you for your car based on how much scrap metal and auto parts they can salvage from it. This is a win-win situation for both parties. You will be able to get rid of an eye-sore that is also taking up valuable space on your property. They will get to recycle another vehicle, something they love doing and live to do every day. Wondering how much does junk car removal cost? It should be zilch if this is the case of hiring Scrap Car Removal Company.

If they were to lose the ability to recycle vehicles, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

However, you need to consider these things before you sell your car to a cash for cars company. Have a look at this checklist, as it will provide you with the knowledge to make the whole process as smooth and stress free as it should be:

Have all the relevant documents ready

The good folk at your local cash for cars company don’t want to unknowingly buy any stolen vehicles. With this is mind, they will need you to have a few things ready for them to look at, which will prove that your car is yours. Have the ownership title of the vehicle handy, along with the vehicle registration.

Finally, make sure you have two forms of photo identification, one of them is the drivers license. You are doing the company you are dealing with a huge favour by letting them rest easy in the knowledge that they aren’t buying a stolen vehicle. However, if you don’t have the documentation they simply won’t buy the vehicle off you.

Empty the interior of the vehicle of all rubbish and personal effects

To begin with, if there is any rubbish in the vehicle, the folk at the salvage yard will have to clean it out. It is just good form in general to help them out by doing it yourself instead. More importantly, you might have personal effects that you have unknowingly lost down the back of a seat or underneath something in the vehicle. If you sell the car, you will never see that priceless piece of jewellery again. It is always well worth it to go through the vehicle’s interior and just make sure nothing of any value is hiding anywhere inside it, for this very reason.

If your licence plate is personalised, remove it

You paid a lot of money for this licence plate, so you had better remember to remove it. If you don’t, all the money you paid for it will go down the drain. So it is very important that you get out your tools and get to work removing that personalised licence plate.

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