Why Sell your Scrap Vehicle to Broken Car Collection Company


No-one’s garage should be home to a car that has permanently broken down. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. That automobile has no more use and needs to be gotten rid of. Does your garage currently provide shelter to a car, Ute, SUV, truck or van that doesn’t deserve it?

You already know that the ride in question has to go. And Broken Car Collection Company is here to help you to make this dream a reality. They insist on spending the most money out of any of their contemporaries in order to purchase clunkers, and the whole process is so fast you won’t believe it.

What Makes King Auto’s the Best Option?

There is no such thing as a car that lives forever. They all eventually require the services of a company like King Auto. The crew at King Auto care about the people in their community, and want these folk to be able to sell their junk cars with as little hassle as possible. They also care a whole lot about the environment as well.

Why else would they put so much care into recycling each car? Want even more reasons for selling to King Auto? Here they are!

Ten More Reasons for Selling your car to King Auto

  • You are making sure that your vehicle doesn’t hurt the environment any more. All the fluids that will harm the local wildlife and plantlife are drained and the steel is recycled.
  • They pay the full amount of money that your car is worth to you.
  • When they perform their exceptional removal service for you, they will do so at no cost to you. No hidden charges either.
  • King Auto has a free quote system where you can contact them and find out how much they will pay for your car.
  • King Auto also takes care of any and all paperwork that will be involved in them purchasing the vehicle in question off you.
  • Do you want to sell this vehicle quickly in order to get some fast money? This is by and large the fastest way to sell a car known to man.
  • By selling this vehicle you will be freeing up space on your property. Space that can be used to store the replacement vehicle should you buy one.
  • The folk at King Auto will not reject your vehicle for any reason. That is right, they buy all makes and models, not to mention all levels of disrepair are also bought.
  • They are extremely experienced and have been in the industry doing this for many years. This is how you can be sure that they are so reliable that you will have no problems when doing business with them.
  • Their customer service team is made up of the most friendly customer service professionals.

In conclusion, if you live in the North Island of New Zealand, and you have a scrap car, you should sell it to the kind folk at King Auto!

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