6 handy hints for upgrading your car

Car enthusiasts have been doing things to their vehicles in order to have them look trendy and hot since the beginning of time. It is part for the course in the world of automotive hobbyists. A car geek who doesn’t have their sweet ride kitted out with extras is a non-existent fairy tale that doesn’t exist in the real world. If you are new to the practise of upgrading your car, here are some ways to go about doing it that can be described as “handy”.


Upgrade the Tyres

The tyres are an important safety aspect of the common vehicle. The tyres that are already on your vehicle when you buy it are just fine, but there is always room for improvement. A great set of top of the line tyres can have a positive influence on the way your vehicle handles. You will be able to stop at a quicker speed, and you might even save on petrol.

Upgrade Your Car’s Breaks

How well your car stops is an important safety feature that your car has. If you are keen on making your car the best vehicle that it can be, you will be well advised to remember your brakes. They are the difference between a crash and a close call on the road. At the very least a vehicle owner should be having their brake pads checked regularly for excessive wear and tear. Likewise with the brake fluid.

Splashing out and getting a fancy brake kit for $400 will just ensure that your driving activities are as safe as possible, and if you have a family there really is no price on safety.

Blind Spot Detection System

Again with the auto safety upgrades. It can’t be stressed enough that the road isn’t one hundred percent safe. The more you do to enhance the safety features of your car, the better. And one way to do so is get a blind spot detection system. A lot of aftermarket outlets will be more than happy to sell one to you at an affordable cost.

New Battery

Batteries last for very short times. They usually need replacing every three to five years. But if you upgrade your battery to an advanced technology battery you can join the growing group of folks whose automobiles are just better than everyone else’s.

Get a New Cooling System

The main things that have an impact on the vehicle’s temperature are the radiator, the airflow and the water coolant. You can, of course, have your radiator replaced with a superior one, and it will make your engine cooling superior. But if you want to do it without having to for-go food for a week it might be a better option to improve the air flow that exists around the engine. Have your coolant regularly topped up with expensive top shelf coolant.

Get a New Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter will spell trouble. It will affect your car’s performance negatively. As with all filters, the very mechanism that makes it indispensable in your vehicle will clog it up. Don’t forget about your filter or you could get in trouble further down the line.

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